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3 Reasons Why You Need a Home Inventory

Do you have an up-to-date home inventory? If not, you should consider creating one. A home inventory is a list of all your possessions, complete with descriptions and values.

Your home is one of your most valuable assets. It's important to have a home inventory in case something happens and you need to make a claim on your insurance. Here are three reasons why you should create a home inventory:

1. Protect yourself from Disaster

Most people don't think about creating a home inventory until they experience a disaster, but there are many good reasons to have one. You can prepare for a disaster now by keeping a list of your assets, their value, proof of purchase, and pictures. When submitting a claim to your Home Owners or Renters insurance, you'll be able to reference your inventory sheet making sure you get paid what you deserve quickly and without hassle.

2. Stay Organized

Whether it be an entire collection, or just your home appliances, having a running list of your belongings helps you keep organized. When tracking your items, you should group them into collections to keep easily find your related items. It's also great to keep pictures, serial numbers, and receipts so you have them handy if you ever need to warranty or return your valuables.

3. Keep Track of Scheduled Maintenance

A home inventory is also a great way to keep track of essential maintenance for your home and possessions. By keeping track of when you purchased an item and its warranty information, you can avoid costly repairs down the road. You'll also have a record of any upgrades or special features that may affect the value of your items. Introducing, HomeSheet.

Introducing, HomeSheet.

If you haven't created a home inventory yet, now is the time. HomeSheet can help make the process quick and easy. With HomeSheet, you can take pictures of your belongings, add descriptions and values, and keep track of important maintenance tasks. Having an up-to-date home inventory can save you time and hassle in the event of a natural disaster or burglary. Get started today with HomeSheet!

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