Wildfire Emergency
Preparedness Checklist

Always follow local evacuation orders. Monitor your local media stations for situation updates.

Emergency Phone Numbers:

Write down important phone numbers so you have them handy when needed.

Before a wildfire:

Be PreparedHave a plan (like this one!) on what you should do if a wildfire threatens your home.
Clear Vegetation and DebrisDead vegetation and debris near your home can be extra fuel for a fire.
Know Evacuation RoutesKnow multiple ways to evacuate your area. Your phone may not always work in an emergency.
Inventory Your HomeKeep a list of the assets in your home for insurance. Homesheet.co makes this easy.

Wildfire in your area:

Monitor the SituationActively monitor your local authorities and news outlets for updates on the situation.
Prepare to EvacuateDon't wait until it's too late. Start collecting important documents, family heirlooms, pets, extra water, and medications. Load these items into your vehicle and ensure your vehicle has fuel.
Ready your HomeClose your doors and windows. Turn off any propane tanks and move them away from your home. Close interior doors and leave lights on.

Wildfire imminent:

EvacuateIt's time for you and your family to evacuate.
Travel SafelyKeep windows up and wear a face covering if you have one. Leave the area quickly but safely. If an evacuation route has been established by safety personnel, follow it.
Monitor the SituationMonitor the situation via radio or other local broadcast. Widlfire conditions can change rapidly.

If you're caught in a wildfire:

Call 911Immediately call 911 and inform emergency personnel of your location. Follow directions given to you by the dispatcher.
In your CarPark in an area clear of vegetation, close all windows and vents, lie on the floor and cover yourself with a wool blanket or jacket.
On FootLie face down in a ditch on level ground in an area clear of vegetation. Cover yourself with a blanket or jacket if possible.
In your HomeFill sinks and bath tubs with cold water. Close all doors and windows and stay away from exterior walls and windows. Keep doors and windows unlocked so help can get to you quickly.